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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Knox Leader, 08 Jun 2010. Page 30

Knox Leader
08 Jun 2010

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is how I found Fraser after his nap today......

he was crying out in a way like he needed help, and this is why! He was stuck! Hehehee

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cookies and Cream

We were so proud of Isabella today!
She was chosen to be one of the faces on Peter's Classic Ice Cream packaging!!!

We got the call last week that she had been casted and were so excited. After weeks of encouraging her to wobble her top tooth so it comes out, we had to tell her to stop wobbling it so it was still in for the photo shoot!!! Not to be! She lost her tooth the night before :) It didn't matter, the Peter's people were fine with it and commented that it added to the cuteness :)

After hair and makeup she went to the set where they chose "Cookies and Cream" as her flavour. They made her a cone of icecream and all she had to do was lick it and smile. She loved it!!

She was such a natural too... the comments the photographers / stylists were making were just like from Top Model. Things like - she has such wonderful arms. Who says that??! LOL They were talking about how natural they were and not stiff. It was so funny!

They kept topping her cone up and melting it with a hair dryer so it was running down her hands. Anyway, after about 3 icecream cones they took some shots with a paddle pop.

Isabella was such a natural! During the shoot and afterwards when we were going through her photos they asked her if she would buy the icecream - and she nodded and said a big 'yes'.
But afterward in the car she said to me:
"Oh mum, that was so disgusting!"
Oh dear!!! But what a true professional not to let them know she didn't like it!

The new packaging should be out sometime in August / September. In the west of Australia it will be marketed as Peter's. But in the Eastern states it is known as Toppa Icecream sold only in Woolworths / Safeway.

Here is a sample of how it may look. The images they took were amazing.... I wish I could have kept them.

She has a Target catalogue shoot next week too. I wish she got more work as she really does love it.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Isabella FINALLY lost her top tooth today! It has been wobbly since last year and we were certain it would be out by Christmas!!

She was a bit sad when it came out as there was quite a bit of blood and it was while she was in bed in the dark too.

But after 5 minutes she loved the feeling of sticking her tongue in the hole! LOL

Saturday, April 05, 2008

7 Months old

Well our little munchkin is growing up so fast! 7 months has certainly flown.

Giggles with Shabba

Me and my buddy Sean.... I am 3m older - can you tell?? :)

Sucking on my toe!!

Fraser has really enjoyed his solids so far. He is now on 2 meals a day which completely satisfies him. How loves all his veggies and fruit – not too keen on tinned baby foods that have meat in them but likes home made meats. He mainly has home made food but still handy to have canned food when we are out. I haven’t really dropped a breastfeed as yet but maybe next month.

He also is sleeping through 11 – 13 hours a night again. Ever since we moved him to his own room and started the solids he has gone back to being a great sleeper. He is also having 3 good naps a day for about 2 – 3 hours each. Nice to be back in a routine which I think helps him. He loves his room – as soon as we walk in there when he is tired he starts sucking his thumb and relaxing on my shoulder as if he is relieved he is going to bed!

He really does remind us a lot of Isabella – she was exactly the same.

Fraser well and truly recognizes us all know. His little face beams when his sisters walk in the room and also when he sees mum or dad. He loves it when Rick puts him at the front window when I get home from picking Belle up from school – he watches us walk in with such a big grin and a little happy dance. He is also recognizing strangers and becoming a bit wary of them.

He still isn’t sitting up on his own – shows no interest at all. He is more than content just playing on his belly and is starting to attempt commando crawling. He sees a toy he wants and has such a determined look on his face, purses his lips and off he goes belly shuffling. He has tried to get up on his toes but doesn’t quite know what to do after that. He has commando crawled once while he was in the nuddy! He also mastered pushing himself backwards in his walker which he just seems so chuffed about.

Apart from his laughing and ‘oohs’ he isn’t really talking much. I do catch him ‘practicing’ his raspberries and changing the shape of his mouth (like he is trying to talk) but he only does that when he thinks no one is looking – he won’t do it for us! He is giving big open mouth kisses now though which is so adorable – except for the pool of drool he can leave behind!

Still no teeth! Everytime I am sure they are coming – they don’t! The gummier the better I say! He loves to hold my finger in his mouth and shake his head to make a squeaky noise against his gums. He thinks that is so fun! Oh and Fraser is completely in love with his talking spiderman baby doll! Loves him!

One day I will get the hang of this thing....

Ohhh we all just love him to bits – he is so delightful and happy.
You can see all his photos from this month HERE.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

This kids had a blast this easter! The Easter Bunny didn't go overboard at all which was a nice change.

Fraser however, managed to unwrap this egg and pick it up to suck on it!! No child of mine escapes the fun of chocolate - no matter what age!!

Ahhh the joys of eating chocolate for breakfast......

Does this go in my ear??

Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Footy Match !

We took Fraser to his first AFL match tonight! It was St Kilda v Sydney.

This is always the game we take the kids to as I am a Swans supporter and Rick is a Saints supporter. So it is always an.... um.. interesting night!!!
When we took Isabella when she was a baby the score was a tie!

Mummy forgot to bring the swans jumper but take special note of the football booties!! Oh and Saints won in a nail biter by TWO POINTS!!! Bugger!

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